SAP User Role Provisioning will be Revolutionised by Soterion’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) Module

Soterion’s ESS Module enables you to decentralise the provisioning of SAP user access. This functionality reduces the time it takes users to obtain their required access, as well as lowering the costs associated with having large SAP Security teams to support the user provisioning process in your business.

Role Provisioning

Roles in SAP can either be assigned directly to a user’s SAP User ID or via their SAP HR position. Soterion’s Business Role option provides you with an alternative and more efficient method of provisioning access to users.

A Business Role is a role container in our system that includes all the applicable single and composite roles for a specific job function. It is similar to the SAP Composite role, but has the following benefits for your business:

Standardisation and Flexibility

Business Roles will enable the standardisation of job functions, while facilitating the removal of irrelevant access to a specific user’s job function.

Effortless Navigation

Soterion’s Organisational Structure gives the user easy access to the required results.

Provisioning Using the Business Role Concept

The Business Role concept resides in an organisational structure within the Soterion application. This will enable specific SAP Roles to be assigned to the applicable Business Roles, consequently simplifying the selection process for all relevant users.

Soterion’s ESS Module

Users may access the Soterion ESS portal from any web browser in order to provision access to themselves or to other users.

ESS will enable users to:

  • Request additional SAP access
  • Remove existing SAP access
  • Reset SAP passwords

ESS users will be able to provision access to users using the following options:

  • Business Roles
  • SAP Composite Roles
  • SAP Single Roles
  • SAP HR Positions

The ESS module will perform a Risk Impact Analysis on the proposed request.

A workflow task will be created for the change request, and will automatically be provisioned in SAP once it is approved.