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Finally, GRC in the cloud

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"Soterion has some powerful functionality. We were able to reduce our risk by 80% within two months with no disruption to the business."

James Mason – Group IT Manager – Italtile Ceramics

"We needed to be able to view our SAP access risk exposure on a regular basis, but could not justify an on-premise solution. Soterion’s SaaS option allows us to acquire insights as frequently as we need them with minimal initial setup, on a payment basis that is under our control and just makes so much sense."

Richard van Huyssteen – Director: Systems Division ICTS – University of Cape Town

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We’re living through an era hallmarked by a rapid increase in the rate of change in the marketplace. Your business demands agility and nothing less, so what does GRC for an agile world look like?


Features you'll love to use

Access Risk Manager

Soterion’s Access Risk Manager will provide customers with the ability to identify their SAP access risk exposure using a user-friendly web application. Additional functionality besides access risk identification includes risk remediation recommendations, as well to make use of the “What-if” Allocation Simulator. The Simulator will allow you to pre-empt risk bearing access prior to applying the change request in SAP, thus ensuring a pro-active approach to SAP access risk management.


Periodic Review Manager

Periodically reviewing your SAP user access, analysing the associated risks and evaluating the necessary controls will coordinate your GRC capacity with your individual business targets. Besides this process being an audit and statutory requirement in many business environments, it also significantly enhances insight into your GRC environment.


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