Building GRC products to suit your team and pocket

The threat of economic crime is a very real concern for all organisations, regardless of their size, sector or region. However, the cost and complexity of GRC tools are often a challenge for mid-cap SAP companies. Established in 2011, Soterion was born out of a desire to see size-sensible GRC solutions for smaller SAP companies.

“Our entire business is focused around building GRC products to suit your team and your pocket. Because companies differ, we’ve developed three ways smaller SAP companies can affordably handle GRC, whatever their internal GRC capability.”

Soterion’s products rapidly gained traction in South Africa, where the company was founded, and within 24 months had expanded its footprint to Australasia, the UK and Europe as well as North and South America.

In 2016, Soterion expanded its product range to include a web-based, on-demand Access Risk service which was a world first.

Soterion engages directly and via partners in various territories.

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