Central Identity Manager

Central Identity Manager

The Central Identity Manager introduces the Business Role concept to improve efficiencies in the SAP user provisioning process. Standardisation of job functions across the organisation reduces complexity, and reduces the effort required to manage and review SAP user access. 

The Central User Administration functionality further reduces the support effort and cost to manage user access across the SAP landscape, including non-productive SAP systems.

Central Identity Manager –
Role Modelling

Improperly defined Business Roles or SAP Composite Roles can lead to significant over-allocation of access, potentially granting users inappropriate access to applications that they should not have.

With Soterion’s Role Modelling functionality, organisations can create Business Roles or SAP Composite Roles based on the actual usage of a group of users. Take control of your provisioning process by creating well-defined roles that give SAP users the appropriate access. 

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Key Benefits

Icon - Improved identity governance

Improved identity governance

Icon - Enhanced business accountability

Enhanced business accountability

Icon - Reduced support cost

Reduced support costs

Icon - Enhanced control of cross company access

Enhanced control of cross-company access

Business Roles

A Business Role is a data container (similar to an SAP Composite Role) for a group of SAP single roles which can be from multiple SAP systems. It has the following benefits:

  • A Business Roles is more flexible than Composite Roles, as users can be assigned partial Business Roles.
  • SAP single roles from multiple SAP systems can be assigned to the Business Role.
  • Increased efficiencies of the provisioning (Joiner – Mover – Leaver) process, as well as reducing the effort required to carry out a User Access Review.
  • Standardisation of job functions across the organisation to reduce complexity
  • Enhance business accountability of risk by presenting SAP access in a more business-friendly manner.
Simplify SAP user access

The standardisation of user access across the organisation using Business Roles reduces complexity while improving efficiencies. Soterion’s Business Role functionality displays the SAP access contained in the Business Role using a visualisation technique that converts the technical GRC language into a business-friendly language.

Central User Administration

Soterion’s Central User Administration facilitates user management in production and non-production SAP systems (such as DEV, QAS). This reduces the support effort and associated costs required to manage user access across the SAP landscape. This includes activities such as password resets, locking and unlocking users, and role provisioning.

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