Data Privacy Manager

Data Privacy Manager

Manage personal data in SAP and monitor which users in SAP have access to sensitive personal information. Soterion’s Data Privacy Manager analyses all tables in SAP and highlights those that contain fields with personal or sensitive information, categorising the data by Data Domain (such as bank details, email addresses and ID numbers) and per Data Subject (business partner, vendor, customer, employee and SAP user).

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Key Benefits

Icon - Ease compliance to data regulations

Ease compliance to data regulations

Icon - embed data privacy by design

Embed data privacy by design

Icon - Intergrate data privacy with your security program

Integrate data privacy with your security program

Limit exposure to data privacy penalties and fines

Limit exposure to data privacy penalties and fines

Manage Personal Data in SAP

Due to the sheer volume of SAP tables and fields, complying with data privacy regulations (such as the GDPR, CCPA, PDPA, POPIA etc.) is a real challenge for many organisations. Only once the organisation has identified where personal data resides in their SAP solution, can they start to effectively classify and manage it.

Data privacy rule set

Soterion facilitates the creation of a data privacy rule set based on the sensitive fields defined by your organisation. By including data privacy rules in your Soterion rule set, data privacy risk becomes integrated into the Soterion Access Risk Manager and Periodic Review processes – ensuring data privacy by design.

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