Basis Review Manager

SAP Basis Configurations provide system-level controls to secure an SAP system. The Basis Review Manager compares your SAP Basis Configuration to an industry best-practice set of rules. Since these Configurations usually form part of an annual external audit, our Basis Review Manager allows you to be prepared, and will establish complete compliance to avoid adverse audit findings.

Key Benefits

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Secure SAP environment

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No audit

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Enhance your IT
general controls

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Proactively address
critical risks

System Settings
  • Parameter Settings, such as password lengths, expiry and complexity
  • Restricting multiple logons
  • Examining table logging
Role Checks
  • Roles that are in the Production environment, but not assigned to users
  • Roles that were created or changed in the Production environment
  • Roles with wildcards for transactions
User Checks
  • Users who have developer keys in the Production environment
  • Test users who are working in the Production environment
  • Users who have SAP standard roles in the Production environment

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