SAP Security and Soterion GRC Solutions

SAP Security and GRC Solutions Through Three Offerings – SaaS, On-Premise Software and Managed Services

Since 2011, Soterion has offered SAP security and GRC for SAP for companies of all shapes and sizes.  We assist businesses implement smart solutions to counter the very real threat of economic crime. We offer our expertise through three offerings – SaaS, managed service, and on-premise software. 

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Through our offerings, we implement GRC for SAP for companies that seek an effective and affordable solution and for those that already possess a degree of GRC expertise. This pay-as-you-use service is easy to implement, business-friendly, and provides instant GRC risk visibility.

It is an ideal choice for businesses that need a governance, risk, and compliance strategy in place but do not have the in-house solutions to do so. This is a robust and dependable service for proactive GRC management.

The Access Risk Manager, available with Soterion’s SaaS offering, is a convenient application that enables quick identification of SAP access risk exposure. It also recommends remedial steps and prevents risks associated with the implementation of the change request in SAP through a proactive approach. The SAP License Manager gives businesses the information to create a bespoke SAP license agreement that addresses the company’s particular needs. This helps bring down costs and ensures adequate compliance.

On-Premise Software

The on-premise solution is ideal for companies that have IT policies mandating such a solution. Usually, such companies have the necessary expertise to handle GRC tools and implement solutions. The Soterion on-premise solution for GRC for SAP security is powerful, easy-to-use, and highly cost-effective.

We’ve completely re-imagined the GRC user experience from the ground up, making it a pleasure to use. Our business-friendly reporting tools allow focused reports to be produced by business area. We provide all the GRC features your business needs without complex, unnecessary functionality.

Managed Services

Combine “on-tap” GRC expertise with Soterion’s Cloud platform for a complete GRC solution, delivered in collaboration with Soterion’s Consulting Partner Network.

Dudley Cartwright, CEO of Soterion explains: “Unlike outsourcing relationships, our managed services are premised upon proactive management of your GRC health, leveraging our consulting partners’ experience and expertise. Move from no GRC access risk capability to full visibility, within 24 hours. With both the tools and expertise provided as a managed service, you won’t require any technical GRC knowledge whatsoever. Your business will enjoy complete, hassle-free control of access risks via a dependable GRC service.”

He continues, “Your business can benefit from the lower total cost of ownership by avoiding the expense of an on-premise solution and the staff to support it. Our platform is extremely intuitive, requires no GRC technical knowledge, and is oriented towards those companies with minimal GRC capability. Use our proprietary GRC Maturity Model to benchmark your current GRC maturity level and enhance your GRC capability by following the provided recommendations.”

If you are interested in any of the above three offerings or would like more information, email us on [email protected].

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