SAPinsider EMEA 2022 Event – 15 to 17 November 2022

SAPinsider EMEA 2022 Event – 15 to 17 November 2022

The Soterion team will be at the SAPinsider EMEA 2022 in-person event hosted by SAPinsider in Vienna, Austria.

Dudley Cartwright, Soterion CEO, and Emile Steyn, Business Unit Director, Soterion Benelux will also be hosting sessions and running demo sessions. If you plan to attend the event and are interested in booking a demo, please feel free to email [email protected], alternatively you can chat to anyone at the booth throughout the event for more information.

SAPinsider EMEA 2022 is home to Six distinctive events that bring together under one roof an SAP community of 100+ Speakers, 150+ Sessions, 1500+ Delegates over 3 Days. We are proud sponsors and look forward to being a part of the event.

We look forward to networking and catching up with everyone in Austria!

About the Event
More about our presentations:

Session: Typical Challenges with SAP Security and GRC

This topic will be hosted  by Dudley Cartwright, CEO of Soterion 

Many organisations have implemented an access control solution but are struggling to derive any value from their GRC investment. In this session we will discuss the typical challenges facing organisations with their SAP security and GRC, and how best to address them. Some of these challenges include activities such as: 

  • Policies and Procedures
  • In-appropriate access
  • Rule set customisation
  • Mitigating Control Definition
  • Access Risk Management Processes
  • Business Role Definition


i20 Session: How to Create Appropriate Business Roles for our Users

This topic will be hosted  by Emile Steyn,  Business Unit Director of Soterion Benelux

Business Roles are a collection of roles from multiple SAP systems. The Business Role methodology can significantly improve the efficiency of the user provisioning process. However, if these roles are not correctly defined, they can end up providing the users with very in-appropriate access, putting the organisation at unnecessary fraud risk.

In this session we will explain the process of accurately defining/building business roles so that they provide appropriate access for the SAP users. This will allow the organisation to achieve their desired objective of improving the efficiency of the Joiner – Mover- Leaver process in a controller manner where users are assigned appropriate access for their job function.  


Network and Collaboration break Session: Business- Centric GRC

This demo will be hosted  by Emile Steyn,  Business Unit Director of Soterion Benelux

Soterion’s business-friendly GRC solutions provide organisations with in-depth access risk reporting to effectively managed their access risk. In this demo we will show how Soterion converts the technical GRC language into a business-friendly language with the use of business process flow illustrations and geographic maps for better decision making.

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Soterion is an international leading provider of governance, risk, and compliance solutions for organisations running SAP. Soterion’s user-friendly GRC solutions provide in-depth access risk reporting to allow organisations to effectively manage their access risk exposure.

Soterion is passionate about simplifying the governance, risk, and compliance processes, with a focus on translating this complexity into a business-friendly language to enhance better decision making and business accountability. Email [email protected] for more information.

Get in touch with one of our SAP security consultants to explore how we can help solve your GRC objectives.

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