SAP Security & GRC Podcast (E15) – GRC Trends Report – How the Drive Towards Standard Business Processes will Cause Widening of Access (4-part series) 

Watch or listen to the SAP Security & GRC podcast with host Dudley Cartwright – helping you on your journey to effective access risk management in SAP.

Soterion’s GRC Trends Report documents four pivotal insights and predictions that we believe will shape the future of GRC. You are welcome to download a copy of the report from our website.

This episode is one of a 4-part series based on Soterion’s GRC Trends Report. We dive deeper into one of the four predictions that we believe will shape the future of GRC in SAP – How the drive towards standard business processes will cause widening of access. 

We’ll be joined by the following industry experts:  

  • Quintus Hougaard from Linkies Consulting 
  • Emile Steyn from Soterion



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