SAUG Solution Series – Soterion’s Materialised Risk Manager – 19 Oct 2023

Soterion has partnered with SAP Australian User Group (SAUG) to bring to you a 45-minute Solution Series Webinar on Soterion’s latest module – Materialised Risk Manager. The webinar will be presented by Soterion CEO, Dudley Cartwright.

SAUG is an independent not-for-profit industry association providing information, access and advocacy for SAP customers and professionals and is the only SAP-endorsed user group in Australia.

About the Event
  • Date: 19 October 2023
  • Time: 14:00 – 14:45 PM (AEST)
  • Venue: Online

Register Now
This webinar is open to SAUG members only, be sure to log into the website to register. If you are interested in joining SAUG, head to their Membership Page.

About our presentation

Attendees can look forward to a live demonstration of Soterion’s Materialised Risk Manager.

Traditional SAP access risk (SoD) reporting highlights Potential Risks i.e. the access risks based on the roles assigned to the SAP users. Access risk reporting has evolved over the years, moving from Potential Risks to identifying and highlighting risks based on the actual use by an SAP user of the conflicting actions / functions.

Dudley Cartwright, Soterion CEO, will demo our latest innovation in access risk reporting, the Materialised Risk Manager module. This module enables organisations to identify risks where an SAP user has performed conflicting actions for the same document. A common example would be a user that has created a Purchase Order and has also released the same Purchase Order.

By extensively scrutinising the SAP transactional data, Soterion enables organisations to continuously monitor those access risks that have materialised, ensuring a more effective access risk management capability.  

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by emailing [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you online.

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